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Goldfield NV and The Car Cemetery

Goldfield NV and The Car Cemetery
Back in the early 1900’s, Goldfield NV was a prosperous mining town; it was the largest city in Nevada with a population of 30,000. Today, only 300 people live in Goldfield.
Last Saturday (June 24, 2017) I left Las Vegas and drove 184 miles Northwest to Goldfield to photograph the people, the town, and “The International Car Forest of the Last Church” which is Nevada’s rendition of the “Cadillac Ranch” in Amarillo Texas. The people were gracious, the town was somewhat run-down, and the graveyard was fascinating. I had planned to photograph the cars at night with the Milky Way in the background, but a few hours before sunset, the clouds crept in, and during the night, a dust storm masked the stars. Between late afternoon and sunset, however, the striking cloud formations made my trip worthwhile.